Portable Speakers

I never knew that a M F Portable sound system was a thing! I mean, I've heard of portable speakers (especially usb ones and ones that attach to your phone) but not a full on sound system.


Have You Ever Wanted to DJ?

I have! In a time where Ibiza was still rocking and trance was the thing. I wanted to be a DJ. But alas, I was not cool enough for such a thing. I was like still a college kid, just jamming to a headset and loling at how terribly (to me) confusing FL (Fruity Loops) was.


Clever Music Pun?

When I see the word 'acustic', I think of sound rooms, of closets with the wall covered in sound dampening foam, of huge church cathedrals and the sound filling each space, to outdoor music concerts. But, apparently 'acustic' also refers to a guitar amp company. The things you learn, ha! It's a clever music music pun that's for sure. 0 comments

What a Beaut.

Oh mai. I mean LOOK at this beauty: this tal farlow guitar is just beautiful. It is like its title suggested, a hollow body guitar. This makes the thing give out the most delicious of sounds. You can tell it was well oiled and formed to get out the best sound possible. If I wasn't so broke, or lived in an apartment, I'd so pick that up. 0 comments

D.Y.I. Chandelier Fun

You know what would be so cool? Having a hanging chandelier. Sure, that is mostly for houses and halls with large space (though I've seen cute small sized chandeliers used in interesting ways) but that doesn't mean I can't dream! Now, ind you I know that I can't fit a whole chandelier in my home, but there is a place that sells chandelier parts.


Rings I'd Actually Wear.

Now, I have never been that big into marriage. In fact I am rather okay with being a singleton right now. That and rings generally annoy my fingers. But then again I always saw typical wedding rings as gaudy overly done hot messes that screamed, 'please rob me for this free money on my fingers, yay!'.


Vintage Goodness

Now this is what I call an awesome gift idea! This fender deluxe is something that would make even the most hardcore guitar fan drool.


Adorable Ukuleles

I always found ukuleles adorable. They are just as appealing as mini drums, mini burgers and mini well anything! But, unlike say mini combs and mini hats which are more for novelty than use, a ukulele is like a mini guitar but is still usable and can produce awesome music.


A Timpani Good Time

I haven't seen a timpani in years! Last I saw one, I was in concert band in high school. Okay, that's not quite true. There was that time I saw the Boston Pops in the park. Either way, I loved the booming sound a timpani does whether outside or indoors. I remember truly debating on joining the percussion section because I adored the mallets and how one looks like they are pounding the poor instrument! 0 comments

College Rings for My Return to College

Ah college. That thing I am seriously planning on going back to. I have a degree, but after years of putting it off, I think it is time for me to return. Thing is, I never felt a kinship with my college. Oh, I made friends and met cool professors but my college, hell not even my past schools previous left a sense of 'patriotism' with me. I had no hate or resentment, I just didn't enjoy or have the flashy need to wave a flag about them.


Speakers Ahoy!

I just saw this cool rokit speaker (aka monitors...I call it how I sees it and those are speakers/sub woofers) and am tempted to pick em up. They are small, can easily fit on and around my computer desk, and give a great amount of sound for the size and price.


Holiday Guitar Shopping

The holiday season is approaching...it looks like it is time to go window shopping! I saw a few beginner packs featuring guitars.


Something too cute for words (or names).

My niece's birthday is fast approaching and for a while I pondered on what to get her. She an adorable 5 year old wonder who gets in to everything. And then I saw these adorable personalized duffle bags! She dances with her local church dance group (she was all about dancing this past summer camp) and think this bag of literally overly girly cuteness would fit her well.