1st Post! Err...hi.

As I've had muchos fun times writing in my other blog 'Diary of a WoW Addict, A thought has rolled around again and again. Should I include more rl into it (ie more of my drama) and risk off putting people, or edit it out closing parts of myself away? I decided to instead do a middle of the road decision and write a separate blog- one that is more therapeutic and allows me to vent, yet can be skipped if wanted. This blog will prolly be a bit goofy as the WoW one, but may be more personal, a touch whinny, and even darker than I'd allow on the other. I proly wont update it or tweak it as much, but eh it's my pity party so I do what I want! (inner Cartman came out there lol) A simple no frill blog for simply muttering incoherantly about how life is so 'seriz bidnes' and all that rot. So enjoy I guess?