Being Told How I am Feeling.../anger

I hate being told what I'm feeling. I hate feeling like everyone is quick to tell me 'Well your just doing this cause "insert random off reason here" '. People telling me when I get angry 'Oh your just paranoid, oh your just ....' I wish people, otherwise loving, caring (to a degree) people would stop doing that. Then when I tell them that's not it, they go on the offensive and tell me I'm a failure, or worse that I'm wrong about my wants, fears, and feelings.

Like how the other day I wanted to work Evoke...I was told I have a degree. You should think higher of yourself and shoot higher. The person assumed that A. I am a summation of what I am based on paper, and that B. I am so down on myself that I don't deserve 'higher on the ladder' jobs. Maybe I just am over that degree. Maybe I decided that Music wasn't for me. Maybe just maybe I am not into the corporate, suits and power lifestyle. Maybe that just isn't me at all. I know I'm smart. Have things (again on 'paper') that put me above most. I just don't think that I should be limited by what's on my paper.

People never ask why I feel the ways I do, only "explain" what I feel: invalidating what I truly do feel about things. If people would just step back and let me talk honestly about myself, I prolly wouldn't be head hunting for a therapist right now.