Time is flying by...woosh!

Yule is rolling up soo fast. Other than already knowing what I'm getting (some clothing, and a DJ Irene Box set...ma fails at hiding purchases) I know the day after my main blog hits 30 days wee! Then I can start hitting on Smorty and hopefully PPP and start saving. I also found Media Recall's (the company I want that job from) number. Time to rack up a phone bill finding out if their hiring. Its been a month and I know I didn't fail the intro test guys! In other news I has a court date: Jan 21. Huzzah more time to be a bum zzz. Boredom kills but living here with ma (who is busily looking for jobs for me to work that I know I'll I hate) is still sucky. I appreciate her efforts but I so need to save up and soon...I will be out and about if I haveta kill small pets for a buck.* Working things out with bf, worrying about WoW/a new pc, will all haveta wait. Soon Executus....soon....*cough* erm yeah :P

*Ok not really but I think it's time she needed to just let me go on my own, sheesh.