WoW vs RL

WoW vs. RL: the conflict. I am due to money and things, not able to play WoW. But everyday I debate, when things go better will I play again? Will I have time? I think, 'well was I addicted? If so it's good I don't play.' Then I wonder, 'well if that was the case (save for my blog and talking to WoW friends on the forums) wouldn't I be screaming, bitching and moaning about it more? I barely think about it much.' With my plans for the nearing future I'll have at least 2 work at home jobs. Will I even have time for WoW. And my distant bf still plays, in fact most of my friends do. Will it be like an alcoholic, drinking cause their friends do? Part of me likes the idea of my walking off to the sunset, keeping the good times close, but knowing I'm missing so much....Hard decisions indeed.