Obama, court, and revised plans.


Happened today. Was out doing the cookout, eating for great justice thing. I has court tomorrow. Hopefully it shall go well. My clarinet did not sell...but my dulcimer did. Yay cheap cash. Will prolly try to pawn off the clarinet. But my next idea is to 'work the system'. People wont let me move back into grandmas. But I can stay there for a few days out of the week. So I could work the few days I'm over there, see how it goes reasonably, and slowly save cash up to move anyway. Brilliance I know.

P.S. In order to spite me, fate sent me two job apps, one cause they just changed there name and are too lazy to update their own personnel files,and another that's a guaranteed months work (and is inbound!) but due to noisy people living here can't do. Sad times ;/