Ploting and Scheming

Well I had cleaned up my room at grandma's and decided that in order to 'try out' various jobs that I'd be better off moving back in. Problem is, I have not a penny to my name. Grandma is wishy-washy to the extreme and can't decide or agree on merely a food budget with me. So I'm back at square one-till a light bulb went off. I have a rather newish clarinet and a well used but still rockin' Appalachian dulcimer. Both I loved but basically are sitting around, gathering dust due to non interest. I could easily get over $1000 for both of them! So up on ebay they went. If people bid on them I'll have a nice cushion to work for myself, or even move out of this mess! Crossing my fingers as I already have people watching both and asking questions! :3