Downswing, Upswing, Downswing.

Well am at a loss. I want to move back to my grandma's, but deep down I know it could be a set back of it's own. She getting it seems by the day worse and more grating. Getting her to eat healthy (if at all), and to take her meds is like pulling teeth. I find myself despising her, and wanting to give up on her. Ex/current/bf/it is still not happy with a possible job choice I want. I am finding myself being forced to consider writing both these people out of my life for my own sanity (though grandma may do that to herself permanently due to her not following her doctor's orders in order to live). Though I am applying for a daycare. I said I wouldn't work with kids again, but hmm....babies aren't too evil. Gonna apply and see how it goes.