A 30 Min Walk and Meeting the Psychotherapist

Well after taking a 30 walk to get there (Ma was at work and it wasn't that cold outside), I got back to the Social Services office today. Psychotherapist guy- not so much on the bed side manner but prescribed me meds. Wee. But they also assign you a random nurse.

My nurse today had this giggle that she does everytime she speaks. At first I thought she did this on purpose, untill I caught on that she couldn't help it. But man it was so hard to not laugh....'Here lets weigh you on the scale *giggle*' or 'Here let me take your blood pressure *giggle*'. The sound she made was just so off but in being polite I didn't ask about it...*gigglelolrofl!*.

Well at least I didn't gain weight (I actually lost 2 pounds and concidering my diet I found this funny), and my blood pressure was rather good at my 235 pounts. (Yeah I'm festively plump. Deal with it.) But she remarked, 'You don't have a pulse *giggle*. I'll have to recheck it*gggiiggle*'. She then proceeds to tighen that sucker like a vise and pump till I swear my arm was going to explode.

The tally so far: I get happy pills, not any fatter than before, my nurse can't stop her damn giggles (picture a middle aged, chubby Black lady...giggling. Very very funny), and I'm apparently of the living dead. Sweet, just hand me a bowl of brains and I'm set.

But the best part was talking to the financial planner. This is the lady you talk to to arrange your payments and whatnot. What Social Services aint free! Anyway she was awesome. A down South lady (she's from NC), she remarked on my name and lack of a southern accent. Note: my ma and me apparently talk proper English and therefore do not posses a down South accent, or a 'Blackcent'. So we sound either exotic, from the North, from CA, or White. Har har.

Anyway this conversation that should've lasted 10 minutes, lasted a good half hour of us joking on how VA as an area (well the people anyway) are fail, our family lives, and the fact that she's the only person doing the financial work here (which was why it was so hard to find her, she was so swamped with the other 2,000 patients records).

So I have apparently made a friend without trying. Then again the people in the place are just nice people. I'm glad I chose the place. Now I think it's time to go put this prescription in.