Changes and Edits Ahoy.

As you guys landing in can see, I've made loads of edits, additions and whatnot to here, to make it look a little more homey. I have been accepted to Entrecard, and even in the wake of the bomb they dropped on all EC users Sunday, I still have it up on here in the chance lets us still use them. On my other blog I'm still undecided on keeping it there.

I also am coming to the decision that my current job texting (yea THAT kind of texting :P) is not working out. Typing the same convoluted\crap to lonely men (and some women) gets old real fast. And the amount of hours to put in to make quota much less a decent wage is overwhelming. So I think I'm guna pull out (no pun intended...pervs XD) keep on with the blogging, ad look for other prospects that don't involve talking dirty to boring British men for 9-10 hours a day.

So off to go keeping myself busy with the blog maintenance.