Lot's 'o Green (Both Good and Bad)

Welp first off Happy Saint Paty's Day yalls! Don't get too snookered out there (or at least not so much you can't drive home or end up riding in the back of a police car....getting pulled for being drunk in public is NOT fun).

Anywho, random news with Entrecard again as they dropped the paying to remove ads from the EC rule they were going to institute, huzzah! That makes life easier on my main blog, but still isn't quie out of the dog house for the guys over here in Today. Sigh...I hear there in negotioations so the widget fate is TBC.

As for me I've been hunting for more freelancing jobs, signing up for some gigs, playing around with a few test blogs, working slightly on these main two and overall being a busy bee. Now this would've made a good end to my day until I get a message from Grandma about my Ma pushing on my about an outside the house job.

Now keep in mind, on top of my problems, I live with my Grandma who suffers from Dementia and often (and quickly like with a few minutes) forgets things. She was the one to tell me this. I recall talking to Ma about this job about a week ago, and Ma being the foward, organized to a tee super woman she is, usually would call me and talk, or come by. Not tell my Grandma of all people such a pushy message. Mind you Grandma mentioned this as well yesterday, keeping me on edge, but Ma hasn't said a thing for two days now.

Odd cause she would've at least called. I think Grandma is just recalling stuff from last week: and thinks that it was an urgent message. Oh well. Well I'll know either way Thursday as I have to go up to her neck of the woods for my appointment (the Social Services office is like a 15 min or so walk from her apartment).

Gotta hate it getting false alarm stress.