Lots of Typing and Preperations

My day started out rather shitty. Having asked my Grandma to borrow her car to use 3 hours into the future, she says she hungry. I tell well I don't need the car right this minute why don't you go ahead then? 3 hours later, and even more so cause stupid ex Rob was twiddling his fingers (so doesn't have a sense of urgency about anything, even if the place is closing in 20 mins!?), I go to get the keys. She hands me cash. I ask what's this for, didn't you go eat?

Then she goes into a tirade saying she was testing me to see what I'd do, and that I was rude and should've asked that. Did I mention she's depressed also, with a mean streak that tends to more often then not tend be irrational and rude to the very people trying to help her? I of course got sucked into her drama and huffed off. After walking away, and not getting my P.O. Box (I didn't have any house bills in my name at this address), and getting food (she didn't want any food after ALL that and so let us buy food with it) and returning I was jabbed at again.

Nasty things were said, mainly on her end. I never felt so enraged at her treatment of me, and the familiar feelings of resentment began to resurface. But I recognized them for what they were; anger at someone that I cannot convince, fix, or negotiate a fair argument with. She says mean things to get a rise, and proptly forgets what she says a few minutes later. I was not going to sit crying and waste my day because of her. I was going to work and get my self in order for today. Ad so I cooled down and got to work.

I first decided to streamline my older blog and give it a certain day for certain topics. This made it easier to pre write posts! I never could see how the big boy bloggers did this, but I went in planning to write for Monday in advance (I foresee me being out all day and didn't think I'd get around to posting) and wrote all up till Friday! So unless I get a few paid link offers, I am set for the week. Go me.

I also decided to keep that blog strictly Gaming/Warcraft oriented so I may be making an seperate Anime themed blog. I am an Anime geek, and I may launch it here!

And even more freelance stuff got done today. I had finished up taking to the guy I did work for a few days ago, and got a few dollars doing some Amazon book reviews. I am finding I am rather good at reviewing things. I guess writing things in my voice is a strong spot for me. But after putting a few more Data entry job bids in, I overall had a very productive day that made up for the shitty start.