Trying My Hand at Freelance Writing

Well, I decided to go and do it. Mind you my writing style is rough, 'stream of consciousness '-like, randomness, and I admit the gratuitous spelling error slips though- usually to never be noticed till a day or so later. But I went and hunted down many, many forums. Many of them, Craigslist, DP, various popular sites that scour forums for me; so many that ironically I passed by when I was looking for blogging leads. Then again the obvious blogging = writing thought didn't quite hit me hard till a bit later.

So far I finished up a post that I needed to write on Diary, slipping in a paid link or too as they needed to be done. I also got a small job offer through Craigslist! Nothing big, just writing reviews. Thou the big fish that I'm tempted to do is apply for the Examiner...but I'm getting cold feet. Think I'm gunna just app ad hope hehe.

Oh well, gotta prepare for my 2nd visit with Bill. Nice old guy, even my ma likes him and we've only see him work once. Definitely thankful he's my therapist. Well, I'll update about that tomorrow. Lates!