Welp I…Lied?

I’ve decided that having one blog to make passive money on is well silly. That and I found that because I was so lax on the requirements I’ve set on this blog that I was neglecting it. I have weighted the personal diary aspect vs. I need cash to go to doctors visits and hit a middle of the road decision.

1. I will update more

2. I wont plaster the blog with silly adds, but am now hosting on today.com. So I’ll have adds but not too obnoxious. I will sneak in some paid posting, but eh most of the time the work relates to my blog anyway.

3. This blog will 1st and foremost be my diary of life, no matter how boring, funny, sad, or crazy it can be.

So enjoy my new look, same bat time, same bat place!

Well cheerio (at least till the 19th…psychotherapist visit ahoy…bleh).