Yay more work for blogging away :)

My other blog Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict is starting to make me cash. Happy day! Between hopefully brokering a deal for getting an advertiser to pay for ad space, I'm enrolled in a paid blogging program that might even work out! I even got to write a paid post that kinda hit on my head space and working through my depression.

As for this blog, I've added some links so more people can find me, working on a few approvals, SEO, and getting an entrecard set up here. Funny it's so much faster setting up shop after doing it without a map the first time around. I even have my twitter set up with Blog Catalog and links to MyBlogCatalog so both blogs link to each other. A very busy day setting up shop, but hopefully, more of you can hang by in the end :)