Bad Newz...Well At Least I Didn't Burn Anything...

Well today was my update visit with the Psychotherapist. I found out that the note from my former Doctor about getting testing for Crushing's Disease was useless to him. I'm going to have to start knocking on the doors of Pitch. Gods I hated going there as a kid. Slow and half the staff hates being there. Will have too see what they say about this script.

I also found out through my nurse that drinking was very bad with Celexa, but that pot (being both a depressant and a stimulant) is also probably a bad idea. Considering she admitted to me that she smoked pot, I kinda took her word for it. Though it made me giggle that A. she admitted to smoking it, and B, that damned giggle still amuses me. Guess I'll have to settle for being unnaturally high 24-7 off pills. Wee.

But the biggest news that hit me was my blood test results. Ma came alone with me, as well as her longtime nurse friend, Sally. I had very abnormal liver results. A normal test level is about 40. Mine were like 140+, triple the amount I should have. This of course ruins my drug induced high of happiness. I rarely if ever drink, and I haven't being on any illicit drugs since about a year and half ago. And my diet isn't all that bad. WTH?

As I build up my LinkedIn profile, I ponder and worry. I wonder if I do have an appointment for Pitch in May or will I have to wait months for an approval? Will I have to rush to the emergency room? Will Medicaid ever approve me? So many questions. I guess all I can do is just keep working my blogs and offers. No point in mulling too hard about things.