LapCorp Round 3

Today was do or die. My psychotherapist appointment was this coming Monday and I needed this blood work done. After scratching around the not helpful website full of out of date addresses, and various phone lines with the same automated actor/robot guy that had the most hilarious pronunciation of Denbigh ever... I was so ready to give up on it. DenBye is that a place? :D

The message implied that someone would be on the line to help me further. After 2 tries I got a lady on the phone. Apparently the address moves of the ofices were not told to the people over there either. In frustration I asked if there's any offices in Hampton instead. She's like, yeah on Executive Drive. So now I had to figure out how I'm going to get to Hampton with no car, or real bus cash.

Grandma had been out all day to untint her car windows. She brought the car already tinted at purchase and was not aware that it was illegal to have a car with such dark windows till she got pulled over last week. Ma and her had been arguing with the people she purchased the car from, as they sold her the car that way (she never asked for tinting in the first place). My Uncle negotiated with then further and in the end they took the tinting out free of charge.

She returned about 1:30 pm and so we rolled out (around 2pm cause they have lunch from 1-2pm) to find it. I realized that after driving around in circles for the place, that it was 5 minutes away from Ma's place >.< I could have easily walked there! I went in to a rather 70's looking office with a slight ant problem. But it was empty, and I was actually told to not worry about all the paper work. I barely filled out on page and showed my ID.

The Doctor was a very nice lady (in fact all the staff was) that took some blood and a pee test. We joked about how disorganized the website and phone system was. She herself was trying to get them to fix their own phone number...but they were planning to move to as their office is rather old. Not many show up in there due to its odd location.

But huzzah! They got my blood and pee. Now I can see Monday if the psychotherapist has any sense of humor about this. Bet he wont crack a smile LOL!