My Day: Or How I Survived with the Most Talkative Person on Earth

Oh. Dear. This has been a long and amusing day. I woke up; panicked that it was 2 pm, then later realized it was 9am. Phew, sleeping in late on a perfect day just makes me annoyed. Then realized it was raining buckets. Fail, Day. Fail. Went to go take a shower and hear a knock at the door. Who else would it be but my Uncle's over excitable, needy, and very talkative girl friend?

Now, she's not a bad person, no she has a good heart and cares about others, or at least wants to seems as awesome as possible with my Grandma. Overall not a bad person, just ...annoyingly chatty. But she defines needy. I though I was off the rocker- well she makes me and pretty much most people look sane.

As I was getting out of the shower and noted that the rain was so not stopping, I had an idea. I have a blood work appointment that I've been putting off. Mostly because the only person in the house with a car was my Grandma. My forgetful, hard to plan anything around, bad knees Grandma. So since I knew that the GF was unemployed (long drama around that), I buckled down and asked calmly could she take me to my appointment?

She like jumps up and down like a doe eyed puppy and was like 'Sure?!' Though she had just gotten off the phone with the cable guy (she and my Uncle have just moved into a new house...I know kinda quick for a less than 1 year relationship...anyway they still had no cable, phone or net, and my Uncle gets 'ugly' without his technology) and needed to house clean. Course I learned later by 'house cleaning' she meant 'lemme her talk and talk while she cleans everything and stuffs me with food'. Nice trade off?

Anyway, since I did ask for a favor I said sure. Gets me out of the house (which would make ma happy), I get free food (which would make me happy), and Grandma wouldn't have to drive me anywhere (which well, makes Grandma happy).

So we went, I got free breakfast and lunch, Grandma comes, leaves, and we (by we I mean her) get to talking. Some things were so TMI (I so didn't wanna know about their sex life), some were blatant probes into his ex wife (she really feels threatened as it seems as she likes comparing her self to a woman my Uncle repeatedly says was a 'mistake'). On about either her horrible family, her horrible ex boss, or my Uncle. She apparently has no real close friends.

Keep this in mind. I hate constant chatter. I am NOT a people person. But even a loner as I, still have managed to have a small set of friends. All she has is my family. Every dream or fantasy situation she chats about involves heavily my Grandma, or my Uncle. She inserts herself into every family problem and I find that troubling.

That and it's not 'their house' it's 'his house'. His band, his dreams his future. Never anything positive about hers. My Uncle comes off as controlling, and I told her so. But funny enough, I find myself reminded of my self and how I referred constantly to 'my bf', and his future. How I never remarked on my own. Is she stuck in that loop even worse than I? And my ex isn't even remotely controlling; she has a big, often angry male around!

I don't wish to pity her, but I think I understand her need to hang up around us a lot. Then again it maybe it is the happy pills. As we were wrapping up and talking (ok her again) of me staying for dinner, Uncle shows up and sounded annoyed that I was here. Apparently Grandma called in an apparent panic thinking she was supposed to pick me up (remember, bad memory!) and so he gets upset thinking I was stolen away from his precious mama (Grandma XD).

So she reluctantly takes me home where I find out Grandma said that Ma wanted me home cause she didn't want me near her. I'm like ...ok. So I call her up and like I thought, Ma was just joking (cause she doesn't like putting up with her chatter. At all.) and Grandma (either on purpose or not) mistook it and though it was an emergency. We both laughed when I remarked 'I'm gonna end up that lady's BFF just watch'. But I really didn't mind. She kinda grew on me. So I'm preparing to go out, get my appointment done, and get a nice lunch. So she can just keep talking, and I'll just keep listening- cause I can tell she just needs an ear.

Why do I always end up the friend people unfurl all their deep dark secrets to?!