Sunday Cooking FAIL!

Well this started out as a quiet, boring Sunday. I was procrastinating writing up my blog posts for the week on Doa(E)WA (Blame Buel he made that abbreviation...and I'm keeping it!) and all was well. I decided to put some hot dogs on the stove for my dinner.

Now usually I just watch TV for 10 or so minutes as anything else, like reading or staring at dust can distract my parrot brain. I was also filling out an application at a web content company. Lets just say when I start writing stuff I still get highly distracted.

And so as I was pecking away, tweaking up a writing sample...I smelt smoke. The a half second later the alarm goes off. Mind you this isn't some cheap fire alarm, this is an ADT alarm system that not only went ape shit crazy, but was obnoxiously LOUD.
Add on the fact that Grandma doesn't know the code for the system. T.T

After grabbing my highly smoking, and charred pan with very small and un-eatable hot dogs, I ran all to the sink to cool off the smoking pan. Thankfully, somehow the dogs did not catch fire. As I did this ADT called on the phone. The lady basically asked what happened, and that the fire department were on their way. Hey, at least if it were a real fire, I know we won't be without help!

After explaining my mishap, she asked for the account password. I told her I so didn't know, and since Clyde (my Granddad) passed away no one else knew it. He probably told Grandma at some point but she sure as anything didn't know it now. Then I find out that there is NO account password on the account. Then a few minutes later, the Fire Department arrived. Again I had to reassure them that no there is no fire, and other than this annoying smoke, we're fine.

Grandma and me found the situation utterly funny. I mean I did feel bad, but the fact that one, we found out after all this time there's no password on our home security, and two, that she wasn't leaving with them for anything was just freakin' funny. Rob was being a grumpy fool the whole afternoon and was pissed with all the noise. Then again the grass mower cut the cable cord outside and threatened his internets. He needs a chill pill.

At least the mentally ill people in the house were having a good time :3