Well I've Gots Lots of Thinking To Do.

So many things happened over this week.

1. The gabby gal (from last post) and I didn't go out to lunch. She supposedly had this kidney infection, and made a big deal of it. My Uncle was like 'nah she's exagerating, cause she up and walking around right now!' He also kinda found it stupid that she lifted stuff in the first place knowing about said kidney.

2. That MMO Guide guy has returned my email, and depending on my play experiece may hire me! OMG *crosses fingers* Too bad it's Christian Easter weekend as the world is turned out to lots of services, prayer, eggs, and fun time of the season movies. I wanna find out if I'm hired damnit!

3. I finally broke down and joined Facebook. I REFUSE to do MySpace as my sis livs on there- I feel my brain cells dying everytime I look at it. But Facebook seems tame. I joined because a favorite blog of mine had and page...and it snowballed as I found a butload of old HS and College buddies!

4. I saw Bill yesterday. Our session ended up with me talking about my ex. Again. The thing of it is that after thinking of his short comings (constant complaining without doing, procrastinating, spending money on stupid shit and not saving for a car, over all bitch bitch, blame everything on me when it's been 6+ months without me bumming off him, trying to sleep with me after I said that right now that doesn't settle well with me being not together and all...I was more frustrated then I thought) I had realized I