Well...I definately am starting to think LabCorp does not exist

I've been in the massive, and gas wasting trek that is finding a LabCorp testing facility in my city. I've been there before, where they take some blood, process it, and ship it to my doctor. Nothing new. But it seems they are migrating ..or something. I even went to their official website to find addresses, double checked on mapquest/google, and called their insanely useless automated phoneline.

And so I went to the first adress by Oyster Point. And man finding an adress right by (but sneakily hidden across from) the Omni hotel, on a street named 'Omni' was a painful waste of time. I finally found it (Grandma was driving too...>.<) and they had a scribble of a note saying they moved to a location off of Jefferson.

So we went to Jefferson, and we finally after circling around found that one...which was the one I went to last year! I tell Grandma to go park and I'll head up...and find a scribbled note on the door. They had moved but here's the kicker: they had moved to the Omni adress! They so don't want my blood do they?! >.<'