Yay for Blog Money

Sorry for not writing much as of late. Was so busy doing this or that. I can't wait to tell Bill all that's going on Thursday! I am getting looked at for a possible job with an MMO blog/forum site, I've being hanging out with Bright Hub...loads of happenings.

Also DoaEWA is shaping up to be a sorta Pro Blog! I did a few paid posts for a gal of Craigslist, (and she may send me more work!), and have a guest post gig on WoW Fail Blog. Wewt. But most importantly, DoaEWA has a sponsor! These G4P guys are paying moi for that big old ad on there. Hey it beats having adsense on there. I've barely made a couple of cents of it. Pre paid ad versus CPC (or impression I forgets)...hmm think yall know which is the better choice LOL!

That and I'm getting loads more comments from some bigger players in the WoW blogoshere. So far, it's been good times :)