Bill Has Left the Building

Sad news folks. Last Thursday I was supposed to show up for my next appointment with Bill. I had an elaborate plan to go to my Ma's early, go see him, get my hair done and stay overnight. But I had the chills and the migraine from Hell. Like slept all day in the dark bad. So I had to cancel.

No big I thought. I'll just reschedule a new appointment. Well the secretary (who is very nice btw) kept saying that it would be very hard to reschedule. I'm like I just missed one appointment. The only appointment I ever missed, and I even called in to tell them I wasn't coming.

Turns out, Bill got a nice offer to join another program that same day, and had to start packing shop ASAP. So a lot of his patients didn't even know yet. So I was told, he would refer me to another therapist within a month. The month wait dosen't bother me, but the sudden leave does. I loved talking to him, and I would like to at least say good bye :/ Then again I'm not mad at him. Better pay and station? Those type of opps don't just apear everyday. I hope he has the best of luck with it.

Meanwhile, I ponder who will they set me up with?