A Contest for 10 Grand!? Sign Me Up :)

Charter Cable is running a new contest to reward all their loyal customers. They not only offer great service, but are now giving people a chance to win $10,000. There's that big prize as well as a chance to win a 52” HDTV. Four are to be given away, 1 TV per week.


Now to participate, just hop over to their Win 10 Grand Contest Page to find out more info, or follow them on Charter’s Twitter Feed.

I know I'm planning on hopping by. I so can't pass up a cool 10 Grand! The fact that it is easy to play makes all the more tempting. Simply answering questions per week could land me in the permanent green, or even net me a nice TV.

I can picture it now, having my school loans partly paid off, a nice large screen to watch movies on...The fact that a company pampers it's customers like this makes me have the urge to drop Cox Cable like a hot rock. Never do you hear of them offering contests. Well contests in how sucky their service can be! But honestly the fact that Charter can pamper their customers this way is a sign of a healthy company and a loyal customer base.