Ha! I Win, Template!

After discovering that my pretty, new template was unable to load up a comment form through blogger, I went to commentluv to rectify it. I tried commentluv on my other blog but found it too hard to merge both comment forms together. So I thought, why not put it on here- comment problem solved!

Well it wasn't as simple as it looked. The form at first wouldn't even show, then it would show in my sidebar, to the top and bottom of the page, to a bajillion comments in Spanish that were before this blog even existed.

After using a signature hack from Divya Sai of bloggerstop.net; well instead of putting the HTML code he had in the post, I inserted the JS-Kit code. But it worked. Then the comment box was open under each post on the page! Gurr! Then I just told JS-Kit to un-expand the comment forms. So other than people having to click the comment text, we have a comment form now! Huzzah!