It's Mi B Day!

My day has been kinda awesome. Got a copy of Wrath of the Lich King, a bike (as I always wanted to bike everywhere), some barbecue, and time with the family.

All an all a good day, if Grandma hadn't have to spoil it! She has both me and Rob roll up in the living room to tell me that I shouldn't be anal about her back seat, and that I make her uncomfortable cause I'm here all day. Mind when I'm NOT here she starts to panic. She also told me that one: she paid for all the party, and two: said I was only allowed to go cause she said so.

Mind you today is MY B Day and her's is tomorrow. This of course puts a damper on my day, and makes her look like a jealous prima dona. Then she tells Rob and I 30 mins before the party she'll be right back (she was our ride), then leaves us here to go there!

Ma called earlier in the morning and offered a ride 'just in case' as she said she was pissy today. Ma comes and get us as Mike (my Uncle hosting the party) asks where we are. He was told we took too long and were left. We were ready at 2 pm way before her!

So after the party Mike and Ma discuss and are getting increasingly annoyed with her lying and pitting everyone against each other. Grandma tends to talk smack about other people behind their back to others, not seeming to get that we tend to check facts.

Ma drops us back here and gives Grandma a stern lecture about treating people like this. I was more annoyed then emotional. I know if I were not on my meds I'd been very upset and more emotional. But I dunno. She's going to end up alone at this rate as no one wants to visit her anymore. I just hope this job comes through so me and Rob (maybe. he has pratfalls as well) can bounce. I can see her now begging me to come back, again.