My Return to Blogspot!

I posted all this bleh on what was this blog's second home at

"As much as I love blogging and all…I love gaining money while I do it as well. I moved this here blog from blogspot to Today as I heard it was a forgiving platform and the revenue earn was nice. But I found that i order to gain anything I’d have to slave over promotion, traffic- things I could’ve done on my own domain.

I also feel limited on what I can do on this domain. Yes having a Blogspot domain is a bit meh in the url, but otherwise I have control of my page, can put us as many ads I want, take paid offers, and not have to deal with all this ad sense that benefits me little.

I have been mulling over this awhile, but the final straw was a offer to do sponsored posts. Posts that do not require a select amount of traffic or any hoops to jump through. And to do them all on one blog but not another, is well…stupid."

So I hast returned to here, with a better layout, less spam and hopefully more success. I'll lose my PR2 but eh, I wasn't expecting to get it in the first place. So relax and chill over here heh.