PITCH has Improved from Being Ghetto, to Semi Ghetto

Maybe it's that this office is located in Hampton, but I recall PITCH being right shitty. As a kid (and latter in my teens), I recall going there for various appointments due to Ma not having insurance for a while. Now not that they didn't provide care, but you could tell that the staff hated being there. None of em were even the remotest of what I could say happy, or with any bedside manor. The types that would walk up in there for care...not so friendly either. And they were slow as ass. You could arrive 30 mins early and still have a 2 hour sit and wait.

But this office was sorta empty, but in a nicer building, the staff seemed to actually get along and enjoy each others company...a very nice office. We (my Ma and I) walked in with all this paperwork filed out, and discovered I was missing a W6 form (to prove I was in fact, 'unemployed') and that a form with my Grandma's signature was ok, save for it being dated for last year. The lady said to just rewrite and sign the paper, and that they'll stay open for us to get the W6 from the Employment Office down the way. She could've just denied the app altogether for being incomplete.

This place definitely changed my opinion on the PITCH offices.