Woot Comp Upgrades!

After running on a 5 year old Dell, then living off an ancient Compaq laptop (Gods how I hate Compaq! Mt 1st PC was a Compaq and it was a ball of fail) I finally gave in and dumped about $200 on upgrading my PC. Since my Dell had a dead motherboard and was out of date anyway, I just said to hell with it. I didn't buy a pre fab system though. You get more bang for your buck by buying the parts separate and putting a system together from scratch. That and with my bankruptcy, well no one is gunna even look at me for any loans lol.

I feel proud of my self- my first major purchase without the use of credit. New case that will contain my 2 gigs of ram (up to 32 I think...crazy!), new power supply, new awesomer motherboard, and CPU. Most of the components on my old system don't really need a replacement and so will be put in this one (ie drives, burners, TV tuner card, we have an extra video driver here, monitor, mouse, keyboard, ect). So overall a good deal. Even got me a nicer cam for like $15 bucks from blog earnings. So happy. That and I'm in the middle of testing for a hush hush job researching. Good times :)