Charter is Now Offering High Speed!


You may remeber these guys from my last post.
Well there are rolling out their Ultra60 Mbps service, apparently one of the fastest internet speed in the US. Sucks it's only available in St. Louis but there planning on expanding their service to other areas soon. I wonder how fast we're talking. As a gamer, especially in an MMO with a very high pop as Warcraft has, a faster speed is key. Knowing that during a raid boss I wont:

  • A. lag out with a debuff and kill the raid

  • B. wont lag out and return dead

  • C. wont lag out and miss a key spell in my rotation

  • D. wont lag out and come back on and not get boss credit and so on...

would so improve my gaming experience. I can count so many times I've been dced due to random maintenance, server connection drops that have nothing to do with Blizzard, being dropped in the middle of PvP... This could make online gaming more steadier and less frustrating. Game time won't be lost and hey, who doesn't like nuking their enemies with a steady connection? If only it was in my area. Cox is not exactly impressing me but their our best option atm. I so hope they hurry though can I want speed!

If you want more info, head on over to their Ultra60 Information Page and visit Charter’s Twitter Feed.