Decided to revamp things

After having yet another fallout with my ex, I decided for my health to separate back out into 2 rooms. It was just too painful to know he many be seeing some else (My meds many have been also fizzing out as I took them way later than usual). I find that I tend to think clearer when not up under him all the time, and the temptation to shag is lessened. (Though I bet he'll be the first to cave. Watch.)

But I also am reevaluating this current contractor job and am not feeling up to snuff. So I am going back to my roots and finding freelance ops in cause I lose this one. At least if it fails I already have work coming in. Already have set places that pay based on how much you do, not on a set quota or time (which is what I like more) and looking into seriously apping for freelance markets. I held off before as I felt I didn't have a big enough portfolio to work with. But with 2 blogs full of content and one with decent pr, and many social networking web presences, I have a bigger portfolio than I thought! Think I'm gunna break into more networking and web copy jobs as well. Why not! :)