Awesome Times are Afoot

After trying to talk my ex down from an e-crush (told him it was sketchy) I kinda have been comforting him. Yes, I r stupid and am sleeping with him, but only cause he's there, really. Kinda feel bad that if I had more options...well. As it is an old, married mutual friend has admitted crushing on me from years (mind you I'm not interested), but that's what 3 people including him wanting to jump my bones recently? Kinda strokes the ego a bit for this fat chick, I know. But eh, he was the one whining about it. I found it amusing in it's on Special Olympics way.

But that's not was has me giddy. I'm working on various paid blogging spots, promotions, and snagged a few in the background sponsors. No, not the social spark though they are being nice recently. But getting paid gigs to either blog here or for others (even though cheap) is a start! I still need to get on with that therapist lady, I so am unsure of the damn appointments, and getting these gigs aren't helping! XD