His New Car

Last night we (as in Grandma, Rob, and me) decided on investigating that car ad I received. Mind you we all thought it was just something to lure us in, but it had this credit card on it and free money not received woulda made me cry.

So we drove there, and I checked it out. Of course I won nothing (boo!) but as expected the car guy was all on me to get a car. I do not want a car. But to pawn it off I mentioned Rob needing one. Didn't help the salesman reminded me of my Uncle in wheel and deal mode (that and Uncle Mike was a successful car salesman in the past) and somewhere we ended up with Rob and me in this sleek looking 2005 Toyota Scion. Man that car was hot.

After more taking, and me noting how cheap a deal this was, I kinda goaded Rob (he's so stubborn and worries to much, he can so afford that car!) and well we rolled in a new car last night. I could tell he was happy. But I also knew most of the fam would be too as for years they wanted him to get his own transportation. Course the first question Ma ask was did I co sign. LOL! Like no! That car's on him. But I have to admit it was worth the trip. Or that I still am convincingly persuasive to him.