Humm Guess the Car is Staying

After discovering that the loan failed, but was then rehashed, the car either stays or he pays the $900 to get rid of it. Angst ensues, but my Uncle had it right on the head:

'It's cheaper to keep her.'

As in, it more beneficial for us to stay together as a couple and work this out. Not the way I wanted to resume this relationship, but yeah, seems were stuck together. The family all came out to argue the car salesman too haha! Uncle also happened to be an ex car salesman so he knows how it works.

Bad they didn't tell us about the return fee, but eh, he has a car that can get him a better job. I plan on paying the cable/phone/net bills so he wont be too over whelmed. And since the main reason we broke up was about money...well this is kinda fates' way of saying 'work that shit out!' Lawl this is crazy indeed.