Lynx professional grills

As the summer winds down to a close, I find myself looking for a grill to enjoy till fall takes over. Not a cheaply made grill though. I'm tired of getting those, as they barely last the summer and later months due to well, my grilling habits. I'm looking into getting a Lynx Grill.

Lynx Grills cost a bit more but deliver more in terms of quality, and performance. As an avid griller, I find it nice to know that if I'm in the mood for something, that this one won't get quickly coated in soot, just break on me, or cover all my food in the charcoal smell due to their awesome ventilation.

The maker of Lynx Grills also have 35 years under their belt in making commercial grade appliances for the pros, so I figure they'll hold up easily in my home.

There are many types as well. There's the free standing type that I'm gunning for, with built in shelves, accessible knobs, with a built in grill, all draped in stainless steel. They come in a 27' to 30' in width, as well as nifty additions!

Also you can add on a rotisserie, an extra grill, or even a searing grill. Extra burners, prepping space and warming drawers can be requested. And don't forget about the extras, like a fridge, or a cocktail station and various other things to make a grill a party, cooking station. You get what you pay for, and I definitely wouldn't mind paying for a decent grill.