Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

When I first saw these Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes I was like 'woa?' I mean these are just regular old wind chimes right? In fact I recall one of my Earth centered friends possessing one of these bad daddies. This is the thing about them. They are not just randomly put together. They are hand made in Texas out of tempered aluminum to withstand the elements. Hence their pretty Black sheen:

The Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes also are 'tuned' like orchestral instruments. Like the Clarinet of my bank geek past, these chimes are tuned like a chorus section. They go from Soprano-Mezzo-Alto-Tenor-Bass-Contra Bass to the deep big daddy Basso Profundo. So you could order the Soprano for a light airy sound, or a big Bass one for a deep rich and bass sound.

But the chimes also have specific scale set up that you can pic from for your listening pleasure. You can request your chime to tinkle along a specific scale. Yes, remember playing an instrument and having to play through the standard Major and minor, then to the offbeat ones like pentatonic and 5ths? Well Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes can be customized to do that too. The popularly known Pentatonic, Mongolian, Quartal, Westminster, and Chinese sounds are available. But also the more out there and exotic sounds of the Hawaiian, Whole Tone, Japanese, Aquarian, Balinese, and Gypsy scales can lend a more varied affair to those with a taste for the exotic.

Well my Pagan friend had the Bass one, playing a Balinese scale. It was mesmerizing, seeing the large pipes clink again each other on a breezy day, transporting one to a different place. Kinda like the time I played in a Gamelan in college. So peaceful.