My Uncle's Band and Bday

After the ritual last night, I went to a local bar (nice new place too) to hear my Uncle Mike's band, Taylor Made (a pun on the guy from I Love NY 2, and his last name, that and his name and the drummer's name were both Mike). I was ok, but it sucks being in a bar when you can't smoke or drink (due to Meds) and your ex and ma are both there. It was also the day after his Bay, so we all went there to support him. (He's also going for his dream by earning a living playing in a band.)

Not to say Ma's a towel, she hung out and we were cool. It was my ex which kinda annoyed me. Well I can't say annoyed. It reminded me that 1. we connected in a bar, and 2. the sad break up songs towards the end were downing my mood. But he was given the task of photographing the even so he was up and about anyway like a fast moving dork.

But in the end we were out till 2 am and his band sounded awesome. He can so rock the keyboards but the bass guitar even harder. The singers went all out, the drummer and lead guitar were just hot. Even though his tippsy girlfriend was trying to get me to dance, it was fun.

So we went home and I plopped into his bed to rest my head. Bad idea. The he tried to play the drunk card though he had only 1 beer. I called him a lush. Then we rastled into the bed, until I told him to knock it off with a kick to the crotch. Well and then stuff happened....gurr for being suckered again! I knew he wouldn't hold out for more than a few days! But I don't feel bad. Was fun, but I have things to write, not worry about baby sitting this guy and his libido XD