Today is a New Day!

Last night was an enlightening time. I went to my first ritual in months for the Pagan holiday of Lughnassad. I saw never faces and old, many worried about where I've if they knew I was in trouble. Little old me? /sniffles But it want just the people. The ritual was beautiful, retelling the story of Lugh and his knowledge of all skills. Punctuated by the mutterings of a 2 year old and the warm new energy of a newborn, we sat, thinking of the skills we shelved in favor of survival, the dreams we put away as childish things.

I though long and hard and felt that I have been shelving away my true potential to survive as a freelancer. That I never took it as a serious thing. Everyone outside of here has told me to move on, to work the regular man's job. But I feel as strong as this lucky rock I was given to let it flow. To not push it or let doubt press me back. So as of this afternoon I wrote more paid posts, and even applied for a men's satirical blog. I am going out of my gamer element. It's scary but fun to try new things and persona's!

I also wished that I would someday learn to control my empathy for others. Or rather as more than a few said, I sense people's energy, a little too well. That its overwhelming, like a person hearing everyone's thoughts. I wish that I can control it or accept it without the use of drugs. Someday soon I suppose :)