Big Green Egg Grills

I mentioned this earlier on another blog, but I’ve started to truly look into Big Green Egg Grills. They are these odd egg shaped grills that are well, green. Well these grills are prized because of that shape. That egg shape allows the grill to be an all-in-one smoker, grill, and oven.

Now picture this. You need a clean, space efficient grill that is of quality, and yet but its nature is a conversation starter. Big Green Egg Grills can do that that and server you decent meals, from a slow cooked BBQ, to a warm fresh from the oven pizza.

They also come in many awesome sizes. Most are of decent outdoor patio sizes. There are all small and mini sizes for small apartment balconies and smaller cookouts from the car. I can picture these grills, with their ‘eggs nests’ (trivets) being brought to friends houses, small camp outs, and in many other places.

I can even see it as just a campfire. Just remove the removable grill and tada! I so want to take this to the next Lunatic Luau this year. Just go to a concert, bring my own grill able meat (because their food is expensive!) and just grill up. I know the security would be mad, but considering like two thirds of the people there were under the sway of a very green plant, they seriously aren’t trying too hard. Or even on someone’s boat even. Just make sure the boat isn’t totally out in the water (ie not under rocking conditions) and cook up some fish.

I think the neater thing about Big Green Egg Grills is that you can put it away in your back yard, patio, or deck, and have the deep green match up to your furniture and not be an eyesore. Very cute and very useful.