Fall Equinox

This past Friday was the fall equinox the time of the year where things you planted months ago are being harvested and being stored away for winter. I myself was grateful for the 'harvest' of regaining my foot hold around people. Being a person again. The ritual acknowledged that we are of our area and was a tailspin of giving a representation of our bounty, harvesting energy and returning it back to the earth.

It was very rewarding seeing all my Earth Rising friends and their concern for me. I felt safe and accepted as always there. But the most mind blowing event came in the form of a tarot reading. I have been read tarot before but not for a long long time. I met a few people; amongst them was a lady who loved reptiles (she has her pet Boa and lizard there :) ) and a lady giving tarot readings. I've heard that her readings tended to be spot on and so decided to give it a try.

Now I just met her, which meant she wouldn't be biased with back knowledge. She was using the Arthurian Deck. She gave me my spread...so many cups cards! Many cards pointing to my indecision with my relationship with Rob. A card acknowledging the changes in my personal state of well being. (In fact specific cards: the fool, the picture of the two men over the mote, 2 of swords, the King of cups, ect) One card flat out implied that this freelance writing route was what I needed to do and that I should pursue. It was like 'yea yea, keep on writing! Lets work on your relationship!' Many card depicted me as the big dreamer, dreaming and scheming, and Rob as the one panicking over bills, notes.

The major questions the spread posed were these:

*Can I come to a final decision on him? I knew what I wanted in a mate, but did he truly fit with me?

*He sees the mote (money) as empty, I see it as needing work. The castle is built (love), the bridge is built (trust), can he step back and let my new career choice flourish?

The spread put things into perspective and I discussed it with him. I put my lot in with the universe. Hopefully all will work out!

Ironically today on TV, I saw a show about people who won the lottery. Get this, a Wiccan was at a tarot reading, and it told him to 'teach more' (the Craft). He decided to trust it, and happened to fill out a lottery ticket. Boom he won. LOL at the universe <3