Outdoor Fireplaces

I’ve always liked the look of an outdoor fireplace. It’s like having a controlled fire that you can leave unattended and not worry of it flying around or lighting things on fire. Add to the fact that most houses in my area do not have build in fireplaces. This would allow me to have the fireplace I’ve always wanted without yearly chimney cleaning, drafts, things nesting in there…or crazy people robbing the house. (Yes people have tried to pull a Santa Claus and break in houses through the chimneys!)

Now the outdoor fireplace that I have my eye on is framed on all four sides, so the view is not blocked no matter which way people sit. Also if small kids are running around, the frame will keep little fingers away from the flames (or course still watch them!). But what I enjoy most about it is that I could place this fireplace in any décor.

You could put this out on a beach for a small fire, or on a deck, or in a woody back yard. It is the portable, small outdoor fireplace for any occasion. I also like that it is screened in and has options to keep stray sparks from popping people.

But my dream is to have this out in the back yard, late at night where it is most quiet, just staring off into the wondrous glow. I can see myself sipping a small warm glass of coco, and just relaxing in a chair. I’ve always loved the feel of a small fire as it is a good medium to focus thought, and scry with. Some use water, I love to use fire.