Christmas Decorations

Well time is speeding along and the holiday season is encroaching fast! Between the Pagan New Year (known as Samhain or Day of the Dead) this month, Thanksgiving in November, and Then Yule (Christmas for those of the Christian faith) a lot of celebrating is goings on. I haven’t even looked at getting any Large Christmas Decorations yet!

Being that this time of year is not only busy and full of good deals, it’s best to go shopping for gifts and Large Christmas Ornaments before the rush. I remember working in retail and as soon as Black Friday hit everyone was I a mad rush to buy buy buy. People were rude, staff was overworked (and over time became rude) and the items that were readily available to buy before were sold out.

Definitely not the ideals of peace, happiness, being thankful, and community! I can see fights erupting over simply finding Large Christmas Decorations…and I’d rather not deal with that. Some people are smart and buy early, like in August. I know I tend to buy either in October, or on line.

Being online, shopping for Large Christmas Decorations is less stressful in the sense that online stores tend to have better estimates on their stock and the need to fight other shoppers and the stress of the search is lessened. I know last year I bargain hunted on eBay and came out better than those that shopped in regular brick and mortar stores.

So I’m on the prowl, seeing what things the online stores have this year. As long as there’s less stress and more cheer, I’ll come out good this year :)