Well More Irritation and Pushing

Last week was a roller coaster. After arguing with a guildie (it was epic) and ending up in a screaming match with Rob (was expecting one) my week was bad. Though it felt good to yell at him about the same shit, I knew I couldn't depend on him any more. Talking to ppl on line for love does not count as a threat tbh. But at this point I don't care. Too busy making up some business card and apping.

It felt good to honestly tell him that I may just be in love with being with someone, but not him. He didn't like that. But with the issues he himself refuses to work on, he's become something that just brings me down. I don't need that and told him if that how its going to be, I may just not bother trying to work things out between us. So its all work for me. No time for his drama!

I have been a bit absent minded and forgot to eat my pills. And, the world didn't end. I was still able to see when I'm getting too angry, or to closed in. Weather I'm wishing on not being dependent on them or am really becoming strong to live without them is a mystery.