I'm not dead yet!

I'm not dead! Sorry so much has went down lately! Well for one, against the my doctor's suggestion that I stay on the pills, I've semi secretly decided to go without. And funny - life didn't end, my head didn't explode, and I didn't go crazy stabbing people.

I did renew my social services account for some insurance. I also have been juggling work! I had one client leave due to something about my site isp being funny - but I found some else to replace them quick :)

Demand has been a decent client and are keeping me afloat. Though Craigslist and auctions are also starting to make head way.

As for me and Rob...well still in limbo. We rarely fight but I at least have just been so busy working myself out of this place. That and between the 2 other men I've been chatting with - he best watch out! LOL.

And WoW is still hopping, but not so much. I mean I am still raiding but ?I'm forcing myself to cut back for the sake of getting work done. All and all a decent holiday.

Oh did I mention I'm gonna be an Aunt soon? Kid sis dune got herself knocked up! Here's to hoping the little bundle arrives safe and sound!