Oh did I mention I was done with WoW?

Well I was lazy and forgot to not this here...I'm done with Azeroth. The game just became a big ball of mess. Or rather it just was un fun. As I was paying $15 a month to get my crotch kicked in. My guild was annoying me, people on the realm were annoying me, and really I was annoying myself. I took it too seriously. One day I just wondered, 'what do I have to lose if I just quit? Just up and walk?' Nothing but unpaid time I surmised. All the people I talked to in that game I talked to outside of it (or could find me easily).

I lost the irritation I had with server and guild politics. I actually gained money (people really wanted my account bad /wink) and other than the random 'what if' moment, I barely miss it at all. As I said on my WoW blog I plan on keeping it as it IS named 'Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict. Thou I should take the question mark out :)

I'm still a gamer, and I find keep that up was more fun than the game itself LOL

Now to get Rob to quit... I can tell the game frustrates him even more than I. He irritable most of the time he's on it but can't see the connection of his happiness going down because of it. Stupid man...he'll see it eventually.