Stepping up my game

Freelancing has been so far a bumpy ride in the truest sense. I use many sectors:

-Paid Blogging
-Writing longer text papers
-Writing short content

But one of my major sectors was to be paid for blogging. I had a hard time getting accepted into any paid programs; partly due to impatience, partly due to many of them failing to deliver or failing and disappearing a while later. One of the major people I used to lean on was the IZEA chain of paid blogging, but as they have changed to a totally different method of rating blogs and there iffy approval system, I am sorta leery of writing too much for them (just to get denied over something small or unclear).

But I've found a few.

One has started to step up from my 'iffy blogger' list to an actual contender. I signed up with them last year on DoaEwA and even though I got a few opps, my other 2 blogs sat in limbo and the payout was like crazy high! But happy day, they have finally approved the other two! (And the high payout was explained later because people were conning them, writing posts, getting paid then dipping out.)

So they are now one of my favorites. They even have a very helpful blog. Not a 'we are an awesome and here blog!' like many others, but a blog tuned to help their bloggers have better blogs. Driving traffic has been at times like herding cats. They have a whole list of ideas in that linked article, showing places to get initial traffic. I personally don't agree with Entrecard though - you end up spending your whole day dropping, and hopping that half your drops return...oh how that was a mess a few blog posts back on DoaEwA.

But another thing that I found very important is how your blog ranks. Even though people say PR is dead, it isn't completely as many still use it. I've had many opps offered though private email to my gaming blog because of it's PR. PR nets me more opps in many blogging places. But in order to gain that I need more links. As I mentioned on DoaEwa building up links can be an unexpected surprise. I have learned though there, that if your blog is built well, if you take a break, the links will still come. But! Had I worked actively on it, I may had gotten more. So My plan is to get more serious about my blogs. Back link building time in coming...and it wont be easy but needs to be done.