Best Beers

Ever since I've decided to stop taking my meds, I've had a craving to enjoy alcohol again. The biggest fear I had while on them (other than my mind getting 'changed') was that enjoying little vices like smoking and drinking once in a while was a practical no-no. Supposedly even drinking more than a small glass of beer was skirting danger. Now I wasn't looking forward to get sloshed drunk or anything - been there done that in college - I just would like to enjoy simple things and not fear I'll get a weird and deadly reaction. I even feared taking Tylenol! And so I decided to re brake my beer cherry with some Best Beers.

Why not? I don't go out and guzzle butt loads of beer - beer has become an 'experience' for me. After 2+ years of forced sobriety, I find it to be fun and mysterious even. Since I don't drink a lot, why not splurge on something good for those rare times?

Now before people say 'why not liquor?', keep in mind I'm not a big fan of em. Maybe a JD or a shot; but I rarely drink those unless I'm in a bar. Not alone in my house reading or watching a show. But beer, hell why not. And a Sam Adams - even better. My birthday is in a few months. WTB a nice beer like the one I linked. Pricey but definately worth it I think.