Bye Bye IZEA

I've decided that after going into a 1 month shouting match with them, that is was time to stop putting and withdraw this blog. I couldn't get my higher ranking blog in there, and so decided to put this one up instead. I admit I've made a whooping $25 bucks with them. Over a year. Wee.

But after hunting though ads that were 'link to my blog' crap, or 'paid click' crap, I slowly hoped by doing stuff that I would gain more rank and therefore more ops. Mind you that IZEA links tend to kill off PR (Google hates the links), so I sacrificed for them.

But then I had ops get declined. I know one was of me not putting an written post between an op. Fine. I learned. Then I was told this again even though the supposed paid link in question was NOT a paid link at all. But the kicker was an op that for all intents and purposes I did correctly and to the letter.

Their submitter form would not take it. I did it oodles early and everything. So I asked their help people for well, help. Keep in mind I had seven days till the op would be auto rejected.

They got back to me a month afterward. Then after constant pestering about it, I was told I was missing a picture link. WHAT Picture Link?! No where in the op said to insert anything but: their link, the obligatory 'this is sponsored link', and a link to Social Spark. They wouldn't budge even though the fault was clearly theirs.

At this point, I decided I'm no longer stunting this page's growth for them. As I had given up on Pay Per Post, I decided to give up on IZEA completely. Well save for the tweet thing they have, I fear how they can jack up a tweet.

The kicker? I went to see if I had money to cash out. The minimum I recalled last year was $20. I had $5 in there - the minimum was now $50. I'm like fuck it. I'm done.