Topsy turvy ...*sigh*

And here I though life was topsy turvy. So far it still is. I'm reaching another blue moment. Not depression, more like frustration.

I've been emailing gents for extra cash, but the guys are slippery and disappear, or are flaky. Demand is a necessary evil - ie. I have financial money making options but hate them. I want to blog more than article write, but PR no mater how many people say its useless, is apparently still the gold standard for blogs.

And I find awesome jobs in Craigslist; I even write in as soon as some are up, and 9 times out of ten they don't respond. (Or their shittier than at first glance).

What makes this worse is I promised Rob I'd be stable in 2 moths last Saturday. I already am panicking about it. ARGH!! Knew I should have kept my mouth shut. Knew it! Maybe I'm just going into negative nancy mode. I dunno. I just wish the things I plan on would for once go to plan.

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