And so I've decided on breaking my own rule.

I told myself I would exclusively work from home. And with the Mahalo thing, possible gaming publisher wanting me to blog, AND 2 adult publishers requesting work from me - I'm still a bit on the broke side.

As I hate to admit it, my Ma could be right. She sorta supports me, the guy sorta does too - but want steadier income. I've just been so gun-ho that I refused to back down. But unless something super awesome pokes up faster, I many search for a small part timer till I can honestly say 'full time'. Common sense had to drop into my mind someday. Might as well now while I have no real bills to pay (well 2) and little loss if they don't.

I'm eyeing that thrift store down the street - people can't be pretentious there since it's a thrift store, the hours aren't bad, and I'd be helping sell things to and for people in need! Or the few sex shops (2 in a 5 mile radius of each other...horney Virginians) - that just sounds hilarious to have on one's resume. Or...Barnes and Noble.....the home of bibliophiles...drool.